Super Spanish course

Super Spanish course

Why are our Super courses „super“?

The courses focus particularly on the topics, in which our students are most interested – be it in relation to conversation or grammar.

Who are our Super courses designed for?

The courses are designed for everybody with a minimum command of Spanish at level A2.2 who wants to focus on a particular topic. The courses can be booked separately or in combination with our other classes.

We regularly offer new course topics according to our students’ interests.

Come around and have a look!

Our Super Spanish courses

  • One session of 90 minutes per week
  • Duration: 8 weeks + one coupon for 90 minutes in one of our conversation classes
  • Price: 106 Euros (€ 6,63 per lective lesson)
  • Different conditions apply for cooing lessons since the ingredients are included in the price.
  • A detailed description of each course follows in the table below.
Keine Angst vor den spanischen Vergangenheiten
(ab A2.2)
17.00-18.30 Uhr
4. Februar 2022
3. Juni 2022
23. September 2022
8 Wochen
+ Coupon 1x 90 min.
4-8110 Euro
Werde Meister des Subjuntivo
(ab A2.2)
17.00-18.30 Uhr
1. April 2022
29. Juli 2022
18. November 2022
8 Wochen
+ Coupon 1x 90 min.
4-8110 Euro

No fear of Spanish past tenses

The forms and usage of the Spanish past tenses are not complicated and do not need to be frustrating.

You will learn to master the past tenses in a simple and entertaining way in only 8 sessions. By means of our own methodology, with interesting texts, up-to-date practices, active simulated conversations and audiovisual material, we will learn the for most relevant Spanish past tenses in indicative:

Perfecto, Indefinido, Imperfecto and Pluscuamperfecto.

Don’t be afraid of talking about your past!

Become a master of subjuntivo

„When do I have to use subjuntivo?“ „Why is it so difficult and why do I need so long, to build subjuntivo?“ „Why can’t I use subjuntivo independently?“ „What is subjuntivo for?“ „Can I write my Christmas wish list without subjuntivo?“

These are some of the questions which our students frequently ask in our Spanish courses.

Subjuntivo is a red rag for many Spanish students – it doesn’t have to be that way! With proper guidance, experience, patience and linguistic knowledge, subjuntivo becomes a useful, entertaining and important tool for the Spanish language.

¡El subjuntivo es pan comido!

Music of Latin America

Music is undoubtedly one of the best ways to learn a new language. The course Music of Latin America is unique in Berlin.

It is a musical journey through Latin America, where we will get to know the most important musical styles and rhythms, such as Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Andean Folk, Rock Latino and many more.

We will read lyrics, articles, biographies, learn musical vocabulary and of course listen to a lot of music together.

The course is designed as a conversation course and is suitable for all students from A2.2 who want to improve their communicative skills in Spanish.

Latin American cooking-class

This course is a combination of a cooking class and Spanish lessons. The course consists of four sessions of 120 minutes each. In each session we will cook one typical Latin American dish and eat together.

In the process we will practice and learn vocabulary, expressions, instructions as well as ingredients and conversation skills regarding cooking and eating.

The ingredients, drinks and utensils are included in the price, the only thing you need to bring is the appetite!

Conversation Course: Latin American Politics

Are there still guerillas in Latin America?“ – „Which role does the indigenous population play in current policies?“ „What does ¡Hasta la victoria siempre! mean?“ – „How are the relations of Latin American countries to the US, to the rest of the world and among one another?“ „How important is environmental conservation for politics?“ „How is Latin America defined actually?“
These are only some of the questions you will ask and discuss in this course.

While you are discussing political issues, you can improve you conversational skills, extend your vocabulary and strenghten grammatical structures.

In difference to a course at Uni, we also focus on language acquisition, and our teachers are experts in both political sciences and Spanish linguistics.

You will learn all the linguistic means that you need for expressing your opinion and for having conversations on different topics.

Conversation workshop: A journey Latin America

12 weeks – 4 different thematic units with 4 different teachers from 4 different regions of Latin America.

Our conversation Workshop is a journey through Latin America during which you will get to know different aspects of this fascinating continent. The class aims at enlarging your vocabulary and focusses on practicing and strengthening your conversational skills.

The four thematical units are:

  • Food and dishes: We get to know recipes from different regions and prepare and eat them together. And we’ll find out what’s interesting about food in Latin America.
  • Indigenous cultures: Latin America is the home of many different people(s) and cultures. In this unit, we’ll introduce you to their languages, myths, and history.
  • Magic places: Exceptional travel destinations, cities and landscapes from Mexico to Argentina.
  • Festivities and celebrations: Be it Día de los Muertos or La Semana Santa in Ecuador – we will learn about particular festivities and holidays, about their customs and traditions.

The units can also be booked separately.