Teaching method

How do we teach?

Our method is not limited to grammar and translations – and it is really important to us not to teach only the pronunciation of one particular region. Quite the contrary, we try to convey extensive knowledge of the language you are learning by focussing on the four main aspects of languages:

Conversation, listening comprehension (in different regional variations), extensive reading comprehension and a detailed and complete overview of grammar. As our lessons are not limited to one regional variation of the language, you acquire the ability to communicate in all countries that speak the language.

How are our classes structured?

  •  Conversation: Speaking is the main focus of our lessons: in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of our classes, we encourage our students to speak freely from the very first hour. In addition to exercises that are spontaneous and individually adapted to the students needs, we simulate realistic situations (for instance: a visit at the restaurant, how to book a hotel room or a sightseeing tour or how to go to the authorities)
  • Listening comprehension: In our lessons we value the direct contact with our native speaking teachers. In addition, we also use different audio materials, such as songs, films, dialogues and softwares.
  • Reading comprehension: we use a broad variety of materials so our students can  develop a quick understanding of texts: textbooks, specialized magazines for learning foreign languages – according to the student’s language level. With our more advanced students we also read original texts (eg, literary texts and newspaper articles).
  • Grammar: Our teachers are experts in grammar and can help you out even with your the most complicated questions. For our classes  we use the best and newest textbooks (for example, Con Gusto, La Gramátia básica del Estudiante de Español, Spanische Übungsgrammatik, Aussichten, Perspektiven), and we also developed our own teaching materials.

Our classes are held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and the personal interaction between students and teachers is very important to us. Through our international team you have the opportunity to get in touch directly with native speakers and people from different countries.

What else do we offer outside of the classroom?

We offer a broad variety of activities outside of  the classroom, that will help you to develop your language skills: Once a month we host our Spanish movie night with Latin American and Spanish films or you can go out with us at our Farra Latina where you have the chance to talk with native Spanish speakers and get to know our other students. We also can also connect you to a tandem-partner, and if you want we can help you to book a language vacation in Quito.