Choclo the Llama – Our Mascot


Choclo, the llama, is our cherished mascot. Hailing from the quaint village of Papaloma de la Nube in the Ecuadorian Andes, he has been a resident of Germany since the beginning of 2013.

Originally arriving in Prenzlauer Berg for his voluntary social year in a daycare center, Choclo found Berlin so enchanting that he decided to make it his home. In February 2014, we stumbled upon him in Mauerpark, entertaining with a pan flute, and we immediately welcomed him into our fold. Since then, Choclo has resided at the language school, bringing joy as our beloved mascot.

However, there’s a small hiccup: despite hailing from Ecuador, Choclo isn’t well-versed in Spanish. His native language is Quechua.


Naturally, this situation couldn’t persist! As the mascot of a Spanish school, we enrolled Choclo in an intensive course in Spanish as a foreign language.

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