Comamos juntos!

Not only love goes through the stomach. We at Tú También know: language does too. That’s why we regularly meet in one of Berlin’s most authentic restaurants for Latin American kitchen and embark on a culinary journey around the world with you. Forget about paella from your vacation in Mallorca. Have you ever tried Encebollado from Ecuador? Or Arepas from Venezuela? We promise you, with us it’s going to be exotically delicious. Buen provecho!


  • Where? Always a different Latin American Restaurant in Berlin.
  • Who is invited? Everyone, wether newbie or regular!
  • Do I have to pay? Yes, you pay for your consumption
  • Do I have to register? Yes, please send us an email to register.
  • Can you remind me via Email? Of course, simply inscribe in our contact form (to the right)!