All courses can be payed in cash or via bank transfer there is also the possibility to pay in installments*.

*if you would like to pay your course in more than one installment, please contact us – we are happy to help you out.

After we processed your registration you will receive a confirmation with all the information you need for your payment.

Your inscription (via our registration form online or via mail) is binding and obliges you to the payment of your course fee.

If you have further questions  about our prices or payment methods, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General terms and conditions

1. Binding booking

With your booking (via our booking form online, by email or post) you make a binding and booking which obliges you to the payment of the course fee.

2. Information about the provider

The provider of the language courses is TÚ TAMBIÉN SPRACHSCHULE – Eduardo Francisco Castro Narváez, Sredzkistraße 41, 10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg).

3. Due date of the course fee

The course fee is due on the 14th day after receiving the invoice (or up to three days before the first day of the course, should this date be before the aforementioned deadline), unless payment in installments has been expressly agreed. The last installment payment must be made no later than after half of the course. The obligation to pay for the course exists independently of the attendance of the course.

4. Discount and promotion code

If the student wishes to take advantage of a discount (e.g. voucher, student discount, discount code), this must be communicated before or at the latest at the time of booking or re-registration – a granting of a discount after the booking is completed is not possible.

5. Liability

Each participant is responsible for him:herself and his:her possessions. The organizer is not liable for any loss, damage or injury to persons and/or property.

6. Pandemic Protection

The student agrees to comply with the current hygiene concept ( and the official requirements for pandemic protection. The requirements can change at short notice; the student has to inform him:herself independently about the currently applicable measures. A change in the official pandemic protection guidelines does not entitle the student to a withdrawal from the booked course/ lessons.

Should a closure of the language school be ordered or the quarantine of an individual course become necessary due to official pandemic protection measures, the corresponding courses will take place online in form of a video conference for the duration of these measures. This does not entitle the student to any claim for cancellation or interruption of the course or to a refund of the course fee.

7. Cancellation/ Change of a booking

For regular courses; intensive courses; semi-intensive courses; conversation courses; private lessons; business courses; super courses: If a cancellation (withdrawal) or change of a booking is made by the participant, a handling fee will be charged.

Cancellation/ change of a booking up to one week (7 days) before the 1st course day: The handling fee for cancellation or rebooking by the participant up to one week before the 1st course day is 35,-€. If a deposit or payment has already been made, the deposit will be refunded minus the processing fee of 35,-€ or if the deposit has not yet been made, a processing fee of 35,-€ will be invoiced.

Cancellation/ change of a booking within the week before the 1st course day: In case of cancellation/ change of a booking within the week before the 1st course day, we will charge the costs that we actually incurred due to the cancellation, at least 35,- € , maximum the full course fee. If a substitute participant is provided, this share of the costs will be waived.

Cancellation/change of a booking is not possible from the 1st day of the course onwards: Cancellation is possible up to one day before the 1st day of the course, from the 1st day of the course onwards, cancellation is no longer possible, regardless of whether the student attended the course or not. Also in case of premature termination by the student of a course already started, the full course price has to be paid. Amounts already paid will not be refunded.

The cancellation always requires the written form (letter or e-mail).

For language holidays: Cancellation is possible up to 14 days receiving of the invoice. In case of cancellation later than 14 days or cancellation of an already started course by the participant, the full course price has to be paid, regardless of whether the course was attended or not.The cancellation always requires the written form (letter or e-mail).

8. Course cancellation by the language school

TÚ TAMBIÉN SPRACHSCHULE -Eduardo Francisco Castro Narváez reserves the right to cancel a course that has already been confirmed due to a lack of participants before it begins or to shorten it in consultation with the participants. Amounts already paid will be refunded. No further claims can be made.

9. Changes of dates for private tutoring, private lessons and business courses

The following applies to private tutoring, private lessons and business courses: The change of an already agreed date by the student is possible up to the office closing time on the working day before the agreed date. If the lesson is cancelled on the same day or after office closing time on the previous working day, we must charge for the lesson booked, even if it was not attended. For appointments on a Monday, the cancellation must be received no later than Friday before the office closes.

10. Duration of booked packages for private tutoring, private lessons, business courses

For private lessons, private tutoring and business courses the following applies: The booked package must be used up within 12 months after the booking date. Lessons that have not been taken 12 months after the booking date will expire.

11. Data storage

The participant agrees to the electronic storage of his/her data in accordance with our privacy policy. The data will only be used to fulfill the purpose of the contract; it will not be passed on to third parties.

12. Amendment of the terms of contract

Changes to these conditions must be made in writing.

Last change: 17 January 2022