Meet our teachers!


Our international team is from Spain, Latin America and Germany. We all love languages and have a lot of experience as language teachers – but also as students of a foreign language. That’s why we know what studying is about and can help you out with tips and tricks. Apart from the languages we want you to get to know the foreign cultures and have a lot to tell you! If you want you can get to know us better joining us at our Farra Latina or the Spanish Movie Night!

Anne Sophie Herrmann: Language teacher and director of the school

  • born in Friedberg, has lived in Latin America for a long time

  • Bachelor's degree in Spanish Linguistics and M.A. in Latin American Studies

  • Training as a language teacher

  • Interests: audio books, cooking, India and grammar

Eduardo Francisco Castro: Language teacher and director of the school

  • born in Quito, has lived in Switzerland and Germany for a long time

  • Bachelor and M.A. in political science with a focus in Conflict and Peace Research for Latin America

  • Training as a teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language

  • Interests: collecting jazz CDs, literature, playing chess and finding doppelgängers

Daniel Rodríguez: Spanish teacher

  • Daniel was born in Caracas, Venezuela and grew up in Mexico City. He is living in Berlin since 7 years

  • He has a Bachelor in Spanish Language and Literature and an M.A. in Latin-American literature

  • Further training as a teacher for Spanish as a foreign language

  • Interests: Music, Movies, cooking

Federico Troll Gonzalez: Spanish teacher

  • Federico was born in Cali (Colombia) and is living in Germany since 8 years.

  • He has a degree in psychology with a focus on social and community psychology

  • He is teaching Spanish as a foreign language in a community school in Berlin Zehlendorf since several years.

  • Interests: Sports, literature, movies, art and world history

Katharina Freund: German teacher

  • born in Erfurt / Thuringia and has lived in Berlin for 11 years.

  • from 2010 to 2013 she lived in Argentina and worked there among others as a translator for German, English, Spanish and Italian.

  • In Argentina she worked as a German teacher and she also gave classes at the tutoring school Studienkreis in Berlin.

  • She has a bachelor's degree in psychology and is currently writing her masters thesis in cognitive science.

  • Interests: painting, dreaming of South America, tango argentino and sport climbing.

María Ferrara: Instructor of the Spanish theatre workshop

  • Spanish nationality and British education. She has lived in England and Spain.

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Russian, language-teaching certificate, acting and performance training, yoga-teaching certificate, Gestalt-therapy certificate.

  • Learning facilitator and performer.

  • Interests: live arts, hiking, oriental philosophy, following curiosity.