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Course levels – overview

Course levels - overview

You are not sure, which course level is the right one for you?

Here, you can find an overview of all our course levels, topics, preconditions and contents.

The table is a simple guideline in case you are not sure which course you should book. It is not a full summary of the course contents.

You can find an overwiev of all the courses for each level here – or simply click on the course number in which you are interested.

We’re still woking on this page and on the summaries for the course level A2 to B2. They will follow soon.

CoursePrevious knowledgeCommunicative skillsGrammarStarts in the course book at...
A1.1No preconditions. This course is for complete beginners and students with very little prior knowledge.In this course you will learn to:
- talk about yourself
- form sentences
- tell what you like
- describe people
- count up to 100
- Substantives
- Conjugation of regular (and the most important irregular) verbs in present tense
- Adjectives
- Personal pronouns
- Possesive pronouns
- The difference between ser and estar
Con Gusto A1
Lesson 1
A1.2You do not need to perfectly master all the topics covered in A1.1, but they should not be completely new to you.
You should be able to build sentences on your own and to talk a little about yourself and others.
In this course you will learn among other things to
- make an order in a restaurant
- give directions and describe a city
- organize a vacation
- talk in the past
- count up to 1 000 000
You will practice and consolidate free speech and the comprehension of more complex texts.
- Irregular verbs in present tense
- Perfect tense
- Accusative pronouns
- Dative verbs
- The use of prepositions
Con Gusto A1
Lesson 5
A1.3You do not need to perfectly master all the topics covered up to A1.2 inclusively, but they should not be completely new to you.
You should be able to speek freely in simple sentences and you should at least theoretically know the perfect tense.
Communicative topics in this course are, among others:
- giving tips and advice
- organizing leisure activities and making appointments
- housing and living
- specificities of Latin American culture
You will improve free discussions and conversations.
- Reflexive verbs
- Progressive forms
- Futuro compuesto
- Regular forms of indefinido
- Pronouns
Con Gusto A1
Lesson 9